Expert Level Knowledge

  • Exclusive Drills

    Perform the exact same drills NFL players such as Pro Bowler Chris Harris Jr. does in season and during the offseason to be LOCKDOWN.

  • Next Level Techniques

    You have to become a technician at your position to dwell with the ELITE. The more tools you have in your toolbox, the better!

  • Monthly Updates

    The game is constantly changing. It's a must that you stay on top of what is working the best and what just isn't beneficial anymore.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Perfecting Your Breaks
    • Importance Of The "T Step" FREE PREVIEW
    • W-Drill FREE PREVIEW
    • The Importance Of Eye Control
    • Caught You Looking (Eye Control Drill)
    • Moving Forward...
    • The Perfect Break Quiz
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    • Interact With Your Classmates From All Over The World And See What They Have To Say About T-Steps
    • Don't Step In The Bucket (Tier 2)
    • How To Keep From Over-extending On Breaks (Tier 2)
    • How To Properly Break On Out & In Route (Tier 2)
    • How To Properly Break On Curl & Comeback Routes (Tier 2)
    • Looking Forward... (Tier 2)
    • Quick Survey (Tier 2)
    • Be Featured On The Site
    • The M- Drill (Tier 3)
    • Octagon Break (Tier 3)
    • The W- Cone Drill (Tier 3)
    • The X- Drill (Tier 3)
    • Combining Hands & Feet (Tier 3)
    • Hand Reaction Drill 2 (Tier 3)
    • Shuffle, Break Downhill (Tier 4)
    • Shuffle, Break Uphill (Tier 4)
    • Breaking Out Of Shuffle (Tier 4)
    • Shuffle, Break Closing (Tier 4)
    • Breaking Out Of Shuffle 2 (Tier 4)
  • 2
    Perfecting The Press Technique
    • The Importance Of The Press Technique FREE PREVIEW
    • Understanding Shading/Leverage FREE PREVIEW
    • Shooting The Proper Hand
    • Press Reaction Drill
    • What You Will Be Learning Next...
    • Jam Him Up Quiz
    • Interact With Your Classmates From All Over The World And See What They Have To Say About The Press Technique
    • Check This Out...
    • The Inch Technique (Tier 2)
    • Weaving In The Inch Techique (Tier 2)
    • Getting In Phase (Tier 2)
    • Run And Dip Reaction (Tier 2)
    • Looking Forward.. (Tier 2)
    • Quick Survey (Tier 2)
    • Inch Technique Drill (Tier 3)
    • Inch Then Transition (Tier 3)
    • Hand Reaction Drill (Tier3)
    • Jump Jam Intro (Tier 4)
    • Jump Jam Drill 1 (Tier 4)
    • Jump Jam Drill 2 (Tier 4)
    • Jump Jam Drill 3 (Tier 4)
  • 3
    Ability To Open Your Hips
    • The Importance Of Loose Hips FREE PREVIEW
    • Pedal Flip Drill (Perform On The Hash Or A Line) FREE PREVIEW
    • Pedal Flip.. Flip (Perform On The Hash Or A Line)
    • Pedal, Flip, Comeback
    • What To Look Forward To...
    • The Good Hips Quiz
    • Interact With Your Classmates From All Over The World And See What They Have To Say About Having Good Hips As A DB
    • Pedal, Flip, Open Zone Turn (Tier 2)
    • Pedal, Flip, Open Man Turn (Tier 2)
    • Covering The Post Corner (Tier 2)
    • Reacting To Post Corner When Beat (Tier 2)
    • Looking Forward.. (Tier 2)
    • Quick Survey (Tier 2)
    • Flipping Your Hips Drill (Tier 3)
    • Opening Your Hips Drill (Tier 3)
    • Post Corner Over-Top Drill (Tier 3)
    • Post Corner Underneath Drill (Tier 3)
    • Put It All Together (Tier 3)
    • Advanced Hips Movement (Tier 4)
    • Advanced Hips Drill 1 (Tier 4)
    • Advanced Hips Drill 2 (Tier 4)
    • Advanced Hips Drill 3 (Tier 3)
    • Advanced Hips Drill 4 (Tier 4)
  • 4
    Turning Your Side Of The Field Into A Island (Man to Man)
    • The Importance Of Situational Football FREE PREVIEW
    • Proper Leverage In Off Man (Cover 0) FREE PREVIEW
    • Leverage Step Drill
    • Read steps!!!
    • Our Sponsors FREE PREVIEW
    • Read...Pedal...Read...Pedal Drill
    • Looking Forward...
    • The Football IQ Quiz
    • Interact With Your Classmates From All Over The World And See What They Have To Say About Having Good Hips As A DB
    • Understanding How To Play Cover 0 (Tier 2)
    • Understanding How To Play Cover 1 (Tier 2)
    • Understanding How To Play Cover 4 (Tier 2)
    • Looking Forward.. (Tier 2)
    • Read Step Beginner Drill (Tier 3)
    • Read Step Pro Drill (Tier 3)
    • Leverage Drill (Tier 3)
    • Read And Leverage Step Drill (Tier 3)
    • Cover 2 (Tier 4)
    • 2 Man Under (Tier 4)
    • Cover 3 (Tier 4)



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  • @ dp2nice

    @ dp2nice

    Athletic Technician

    "Even when you are #1, you train like you are #2" - PopsI am Daymond "DP" Patterson. Since a young age, I've had a love for helping athletes enhance themselves, not only in their respective sports, but also in life. When I was six years old, I would watch my father train athletes over the years and after studying his every move, I learned several techniques and multiple ways of how to effectively train athletes. I went on to apply his teachings to my own football career, both in high school and college. After finishing my collegiate career at KU, I decided to pursue my passion to help athletes of all ages continue to advance their sports careers.'The Raw Power Team' was created in 2013 and quickly built a base of clientele. Clients consist of many top athletes in their prospective sports from high school standouts to professionals. High School: North Mesquite High School1st Team All State as a Wide Receiver and Punt ReturnerHighly recruited by many collegiate programs to play football before making the decision to play for the University of Kansas. I excelled as a cornerback, wide receiver, punt returner, and kick returner. Upon entering my senior year, I was named the preseason Biletnikoff Team: which consists of the nation's top wide receivers. Sports is my passion and I feel it is my duty to share my passion with the world by enhancing and giving others to be the best version of themselves as possible.


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    $29.99 / monthThe True Athlete Bundle

    Get a true understanding of the game by seeing it from both sides. The best cornerbacks are those who can understood what the other player is trying to do.
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“Daymond doesn't know it, but he created a monster showing me how to do the jump jam. Once I put that on film, no receiver was brave enough to come straight off the ball lol.”

Anthony SimmonsAnthony Simmons

“The best thing I can say about this program is that it really gave me a complete understanding of the game. I now know the strengths and weaknesses of all coverages and what I must do to win in each one.”

Dominique CalhounDominique Calhoun

“LOCKDOWN!!! I bout this for my 14 year old son who's a freshman right now. He's tripling his numbers he had in middle school and he was number 1 in the state last year! He literally makes those quarterbacks regret it every time they throw”

Roland HunterRoland Hunter